Shortening of the supply

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In carrying out the implementation we recommend to consider the following actions:
Identification of the supply chain links that generate peaks at the end of the month (eg. the periodic increase in stocking)

Revision of strategy of cooperation with the market for the different distribution channels (including approaches go-to-market in which supply chain intermediaries will be eliminated and the delivery will be made directly to retail outlets - shortening the supply chain)

Development of a model of values to customers (eg. short delivery time or better availability of products)
Preparation of a detailed action plan covering, among others:

  • Revision of the structure of distribution chain including changes of cooperation strategy with different distribution channels
  • Financial analysis of the changes taken into consideration
  • Development of procedures of cooperation with clients

Negotiations of the terms of cooperation with clients
Implementation of procedures within the sales structures
Measurements of effects and corrective actions

Expected result: elimination of the links that generate peaks at the end of the month, increase of the level of service and financial result
Implementation time: approx. 2 years
Required team:

  • Logistics management, Sales and Marketing management, Controlling
  • Sponsoring of the project by the Board / Supervisory Board

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