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It may seem that the transport peaks are a problem of the industry. Meanwhile, the negative effects of the phenomenon are widely reflected in both economical - for all participants of the supply chain, as well as social - for people who are employed in transport and logistics, or running their own businesses. Who are the beneficiaries of reducing the transport peaks?


  • Clients of the TSL sector (transport, shipping, logistics):


      Companies - big manufacturers of high-volume* goods, which will reduce their logistics costs by at least 10%, and increase their margins


      Other companies – clients of the TSL sector, which currently suffer from the increased cost of purchasing the cargo area during the peaks


      Directors and logistics departments, which will increase the efficiency of their work and motivation


      Directors and sales departments who will improve relations with customers.

  • Logistics service providers, including logistics operators and transport service providers, who will increase the quality of their services and increase their financial stability


  • Employees of the TSL industry


In 2013, according to official data from the Central Statistical Office, in the transport sector in Poland were employed on the basis of employment approx. 500 000 people, of which about 300 000 people in the private sector. Unofficially, this number can be up to approx. 2 000 000 people, and the formation of the gray zone is, among others, the effect of traffic peaks.


  • Commercial chains, which will reduce logistics costs and improve their efficiency and thus margins


  • Students of courses related to transport and logistics, who will learn about the phenomenon of treansport peaks and enter the labor market rich with practical knowledge


* The producers who turn a large number of manufactured goods, usually the largest suppliers to supermarkets and superstores, mainly in the food industry, household chemicals, home appliances, electronics, construction.


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