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As many as 64% of respondents stated that the Board is fully aware of all the consequences connected with the peaks, both at the level of logistics costs, the lost sales and the difficulties in relations with customers.


A little less, that is 50% of respondents said that the sales management is aware of all the consequences of the peaks, although they are largely generated by the accumulation of orders from the clients. According to some respondents, even though sales management is interested in improvements leading to the reduction of peaks, it is not in a position to find a solution. And as many as 36% of respondents stated that the sales management does not attach proper importance to the situation.


When it comes to logistics, in up to 90% of cases, the logistics directors declared that they had a voice in the boardroom and were able to get support for initiatives related with the impact on cost reduction of the peaks at the end of the month, and the board saw the essence of the problem.


At the same time, only 18% of respondents said that their companies had conducted structured activities that brought satisfactory results.


If the situation is so good, why is it so bad?


Perhaps we need at least three to tango.


The answers to these and other questions we will seek during the workshops and meetings with project participants.

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