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At the beginning, the participants were integrated at the Supply Chain Game, where 2 teams competed for the highest efficiency in the supply chain.

The most exciting, however, was the substantive work in teams.

The managers created a list of areas / zones of influence, which potentially could be a place of taking action to reduce transport peaks at the end of the month. They divided these areas to "important" and "easy". In the next stage to each of these two categories they created framework action plans. We all agreed on the fact that the problem is cross-functional. Optimistic is the fact that among the participants there were companies that had taken effective attempts to make changes and today they can share their experience with other organizations.


What was best assessed by the participants?

"Networking and exchange of good practice"

"Wide range of companies and industries involved in the workshop"

"The knowledge and ideas of the people from other industries, segments of the supply chain"

"The participation of people responsible for the sale"


The workshop was attended by representatives of the companies: Ambra, Carrefour, Mapei, Sanitec Koło, Wavin, Whirlpool and PSML.

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